apple’s mini books

i’ve been wanting to create a book using my collection of photos.  but i didnt want a giganto size book.  i wanted something portable.  something i can stick in my purse or in my wallet.

so i searched.

i found a handful of places that offered sorta small sizes – but none that really interested me.  that is until i opened my mac and realized that i could build a book through them, at a size i like.




and so it began.  all the images that have been sitting on my mac instantly were drafted into a easy to compose book which i was able to build in less than an hour.

i wanted the small softcover.  so here’s the details on the available softcover books:  

Large (Double-sided)

  • Size: 8.5 x 11, 20 pages (10 sheets)
  • Price: USD $19.99
  • Additional pages: USD $0.69, 100 max

Medium (Double-sided)

  • Size: 6 x 8, 20 pages (10 sheets)
  • Price: USD $9.99
  • Additional pages: USD $0.49, 100 max

Small (Double-sided, 3-pack only)

  • Size: 2.6 x 3.5, 20 pages (10 sheets)
  • Price: USD $3.99* ea.
  • Additional pages: USD $0.29, 100 max

*Small softcover books are available only in 3-

i bought the small size – incorporated the max of 100 pages with over a hundred images.   i couldnt wait to see it.

i had it shipped to the office.  it came in a small cardboard envelope via FedEx.  i tore the envelope open and 3 small softcover books wrapped individually in clear plastic fell out.  it was awesome.  they were just a hair larger than a business card.  it made me think of a flip book. 

quality was good.  the front and back cover paper is of good quality.  the photo pages are similar to higher quality magazines.  upon closer inspection, the pages are sewn together then glued.  you dont have to fret about any pages falling out from cheap glue.  if you want a page to come out – your tearing it out.

i think they’re great mainly because of their size.  they have proven to be useful in the aspect of having something immediately available to reference my work.  i can provide a business card – but now i can also show them my little book.  i just keep one in my purse for reference or i can shove it in my back pocket if i’m on the run.

since i’ve received them, i’ve had lots of compliments on these little books.  some folks have asked if i’d sell them one.  

the verdict:

if you’re thinking about buying a book from Apple – i dont think you’ll be disappointed.  (keep in mind i can only vouch for the small book prints since i didnt buy anything else at this point.)  i will definately be buying from them again.



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