writing an artist statement…

*** update 3/3/08***

is way harder than i thought it was going to be.

i’m working on submitting some work to a local gallery. they require an artist statement, photographic process, and from what i’ve been seeing of others – a rather snazzy resume.

good grief. i never imagined it was this difficult. i just do it – i photograph what i see. i dont think about it, i don’t document it in words. i don’t know how to ‘express’ what i think – my image does that for me.

i’ve tried researching/comparing what other people say – but their stuff seems too complicated or used too many foo-foo words to explain their mystical talents.

i like things simple. so this is a nightmare for me. isn’t there an easy way to do this?!?!


so how did i do it?

well i researched. i looked up how to write a statement and came across this very useful link. Nita made it pretty easy by providing the right questions to ask. once i answered most of the questions i felt were pertinent, i then moved on to compare with other photographer’s statements. what did they have to say?

a majority were pretty complicated and wordy. some used words i had to look up. some dragged it out too long in my opinion. i decided that i wanted mine short, sweet, and simple.

i thought about why i enjoy photography and wrote it down. then i managed to incorporate it with the questions i answered two paragraphs earlier. i kept it in the same tone and manner as i would if i were to explain it in person. i’m not a fluffer – i just take pictures and this is why and this is what i want from it.

so here’s what i came up with:

man oh man. it doesn’t seem like it, but this thing was very difficult to write…

I’m not going to fluff or pad my work with big frilly words or mystical phrases left open for interpretation. This is my artist statement, as simple as possible.

I make pictures for myself. I use photography to document the little stories in my life; to convey my interpretation of the world around me. These pictures are images seen through my eyes, with the help of my camera.

There is no particular subject that I concentrate on. Everything is equally of interest to me. I will photograph anything that catches my eye. It could be a certain color, a unique pattern, facial expressions, or something that just crossed my mind as “neat”. At times I’ll experiment just to see if an idea will work. I photograph everything with the same mentality – do it as best I can.

I enjoy exploring photography. I love photography for the challenge it provides. The challenge is to capture my vision in a photograph. Seize a split second experience and make it forever – just like I saw it. Success is the viewer making the same connection to the subject as I did when I took the picture.

I can only hope when someone views my work, they think what I did when I photographed it, “that’s pretty cool.”


2 thoughts on “writing an artist statement…

  1. thats pretty dope. I am in the process of writing an artist statement…but it cannot be as creative as this. i have to stick to academic regulations. i guess you can only express ones self as an artist freely until you leave school. hahha

    • thanks, writing this was a real pita. i’m really surprised that academic regulations would hinder you from writing what you feel is necessary.

      if i were you, i’d just express what i think regardless of regulations. isn’t that the point of being an artist? to break the rules? think outside of the box?

      but then again, i know some instructors can be hardasses. good luck 😉

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