the xmas recap

so the xmas hype is over and everyone has had time to play/wear/try/drive/eat/whatever with their holiday gifts.

i got the apple itouch – and i LOVE it. nothing can match its awesomeness other than the iphone. i can listen to my music, watch videos/movies/porn/youtube, and surf the net. its small and compact. it does what its suppose to and i LOVE it for that. if you dont have one – go buy one. you wont regret it. the only thing i’m bitter about is that they’ve introduced the 32gb version in time for Vday.


i also got my heavily requested RC FORKLIFT! oh yea! working headlights, lifting capabilities (not much really), 3 speeds and reverse – this thing is rad. i love it lots too. i have it here at work. i drive it around on my desk and drop off packages of candy to my colleagues. its kinda slow and doesnt really lift all that much, but i still love it.



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