tell them what you really think – custom m&m’s

perfect for the big V-day…

make your own m&m just for your favorite person!  pick the colors and say something special with the 8 characters per line limit.  the other side has the famous ‘m’.   


you can create 2 different messages.  ‘u smell funny’ and ‘i rule’ seems to work, but when i tried typing in ‘see ya jerk’ and something else similar – i got the following message:

“Sorry we cannot print potentially offensive or inappropriate messages.  Please enter a different message or call 1-888-696-6788 for further assistance.”

so the next question is how much?  well depends on the packaging…


you can also get it to have custom logos for your company and stuff.

mmlogo.jpgyou can get custom Dove chocolates too.  they’ll personalize the wrapper to say stuff for you.  personally i think that the m&m’s are cooler.

with valentines on the way – i think this would be a great gift for ex-flames and current significant others…


One thought on “tell them what you really think – custom m&m’s

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