dc bike show 08′

went to the ansel adams and annie leibovitz exhibit at the Corcoran this past weekend. so after checking that out we went to the bike show at the convention center. here’s some pics i nabbed while we were there.

valentino’s ride. he’s the best Moto GP rider there ever was. i want to have his love child.


prolly the sexiest bike ducati has made so far. damn its hot.


there’s two designs on each side of this bike – one for eric and the other for ben. the orange side is eric’s.

i heart the bostroms.


if i understood the sign correctly – this carbon fiber bike is going for a buck twenty… uh huh, $120,000. but it didnt even look like the bolts on it were titanium… for the cost, i think i’d take a couple of 1098’s and a range rover sport instead. or a small house.


so if you missed out on the bike show, honestly – you didnt miss much. its usually the same old same old stuff. think of it like this – its like going to a bike dealership, not get harassed to buy something, and get to sit on just about everything without sales pressure. i say its worth visiting at least once.


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