art work for sale?

so i got to wondering if people would be interested in buying any of my work.  i have scores of photographs, but haven’t really gotten them out anymore than i already do with this blog, my other blog, my website and my flickr and my deviantart and my myspace.

well most of my photos are on my website.  but thats only a fraction of them. 

i thought about doing cafepress – but that seemed kinda cheesy.  i can’t imagine anyone wanting my photo on a mug or on a t-shirt…

i’ve been reviewing different publishers to build a collection of my work in a small book.  but i’m still shopping on that.

i thought that maybe printing some out and going to a local flea market to sell some off – but thats a coin toss.  plus i have no idea what folks typically like…

guess i’ll have to rely on good old fashion word of mouth and custom catering via email.  i’ve sold stuff in the past from people just emailing me – but for some reason i noticed that if you dont explicitly advertise that your stuff is for sale, no one bothers to ask.  even if they like it alot.


i think i’m going to have to build a shopping cart for my stuff.


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