the photo pile up

i’ll be the first to admit – i’m terrible with organizing my photos. (something that i plan to work on this year)

i have scores of photos not printed.

they sit as files, in unlabeled folders (but dated), on my external hard drive.

some photos are immediately loved and get to experience being printed. most are still hidden in compacted, virtual folders.

how terrible it is that i have all these darn photos and not have even a fraction of them printed. but to print all of them would be outrageous. what are my other options…? so i thought about it.

a while back i noticed flickr had other things you can do with your photos. so i logged into my flickr acct and decided to check out some of their suggestions.

now i haven’t had a chance to check these all out – so far just the MOO mini cards. and the MOO cards are rad. they are small, compact, and perfect to give out as business cards or even under casual circumstances as calling-cards. see the list at the bottom for more ideas…


here’s how the MOO cards work:

1. choose your pics. you can work with the photos you have from flickr. if you dont have a flickr account, then you should have the option of locating the photos you want from your PC.

2. depending on how many photos you choose to use will depend on how many copies you get. each order has 100 mini moo cards. now you just crop the image where you want and move on to the next step.


3. now you just fill in the back side of your card with free text. you can put in your flickr logo, or choose one from the list, or use none at all.



4. pay up. one order of 100 mini MOO cards runs about $25 after shipping. (Standard shipping is UK first class (usually 1-2 days), or international airmail (up to 10 days worldwide), non-trackable.)


within 10 days i got my mini moo cards. i thought they were awesome. they’re thick and sturdy. printed on heavy paper, with a nice, smooth satin finish. i put my website url and info on the back and use them whenever i meet new people or when seeing old friends.

i had ordered the 100 pack, so the cards came in a sturdy, little reusable box. will i buy from MOO again? YES.

i’m curious to see how their other products would turn out. they have post cards, note cards, and sticker books..

other ideas for how to use the moo mini cards:

  • gift tags
  • labels for products
  • bookmarks
  • branding
  • magnets
  • ornaments

i’ll be checking out the other sites that flickr suggests and report back on them.


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