Fairfax County Police: Safer streets by issuing tickets to make quota!

so we left from eating in Springfield getting ready to go over to the theaters to catch “I Am Legend”. we were stuck at a light that didn’t permit right turns on red. so we sat.

we watched a car make an illegal U-turn in front of us. in fact – that car that busted the U-ie, didn’t have any headlights on. not that it mattered, it was only dark outside.

when the light finally changed, we went ahead and turned right. and saw lights come on behind us.

i’m wondering wtf could we have gotten pulled over for. not like we were speeding. or ran a red light. or busted an illegal U-turn with no headlights on in the dark.

then we realized that the decal stickers weren’t updated. but they’re not expired… it’s still 2007. the stickers were right there in the glove box, good and ready through 2009. we pulled it out to show we had them, just forgot to stick them on.

OFFICER R.D. Robinson, the fine officer that he is – must have ran our tags and saw that our decals were not updated. paying attention to real law breakers such as ourselves, he must have been distracted running our tags and missed seeing the illegal U-turn with no headlights.

so instead of just letting us off with a warning (because really it would only take a split second to stick them on the plate) we were issued a ticket for “improper display of tags”.

we were informed that we would not get a ticket for “expiration” on the tags since they weren’t expired, but since we received the new 2009 stickers – it needs to go on immediately or its considered an IMPROPER DISPLAY OF TAGS.

finally the fine officer comes back and issues his ticket to make quota, err – make the roads safer from improper displays of tags.

after he left, i reviewed the information on the common, prepayable offenses document he provided. i couldn’t even locate the violation on the sheet! it must be pretty bad if it’s not even posted. i have to call in and talk to someone…

so take heed my fellow friends – if you’re in the Springfield, VA area – keep you’re nose clean!

you might get stuck making a donation of $20.00 + **$62.00 Processing FEE….

OFFICER R.D. Robinson is watching out for you law breakers!


5 thoughts on “Fairfax County Police: Safer streets by issuing tickets to make quota!

  1. I support the police in general, but I have had some problems with the Fairfax county police over the years. Most of the problems are interesting, but are now history. I can bring up the past if anyone is interested. One, years ago, involves a man who was passing on the shoulder and ran into my car. A camera was brought out to record the accident until the police office discovered that the person who rammed me was an off duty fireman. The camera was quickly put away and no tickets were issued.

    Today, I may have become a member of the quota club. I left my house and got into my car which was parked on Lees Corner Road in Chantilly. It is a residual street on which parking is legal. I discovered a ticket on my windshield and could not understand why.


    It was for parking too close to my own driveway. I have parked in the same proximity, on either side of the driveway, for twenty-five or so years. My biggest worry until now has been not to block the mailbox.

    In the distance of ten houses from my house to the corner of Route 50, I saw five other autos which were easily within 10 feet of their drives. I wonder if they received tickets also. During the evenings, almost every drive on this road has a vehicle parked to close according to this law. Since I live on a slight curve, in my instance when exiting our driveway, one can see oncoming traffic better if a car is parked within ten feet, rather than ten feet from the drive, so that must not be e the reason for the ticket.

    Do I fight the ticket? Apparently this is a law, and if so I am in violation of the law.

    The office who issued the $40.00 ticket is OFFICER EDMONSTON. I cannot decipher his or her initials, but the EIN is 2207 and the ORGE is 218, whatever those are.

    I do not know much about blogging or chatting. How do I get the public to read and discuss this type thing?

    Tom Pendleton

  2. Tom,

    Good grief! I would be IRRATE if someone was passing on the shoulder and ran into my car. I don’t care if you’re the Queen of England – rules are rules. You don’t pass on shoulders. Unless you’re arm or leg is falling off and you’re rushing off to the hospital to get it sewn back on – you can wait and drive along with the rest of the public. It’s an event I see it too often around here.

    As far as you falling into the quota club… I haven’t decided whether I’m surprised or not. Getting a ticket for parking in front of your own house (in the same place you’ve parked for approximately 25 years or so with NO problems) seems rather asinine.

    Tom wrote:

    Do I fight the ticket? Apparently this is a law, and if so I am in violation of the law.

    This just sounds like BUSYBODY work. Stats for quota. Sure, technically you “broke the law” by parking too close to your own driveway. But considering how many jerks there are on the road that drift into your lane because they’re on their cell phone, or they run red lights, cut folks off, speed like crazy, drive illegally in the HOV lanes, pass people on shoulders… I would expect to see the authority to go after those that create safety hazards for the rest of the community – not give tickets to people that park in front of their house.

    My grandmother got a ticket for parking her car in front of her house because they declared her street ONE-WAY and she was parked the wrong way. She was never informed of it until AFTER the ticket was issued. I have to ask, are there any new signs that went up stating no parking zones? Sometimes they just throw up signs whenever and not bother informing folks until it’s a ticket too late.

    Have you had a chance to go around the neighborhood and ask your neighbors if they received tickets? If everyone got one – then I would probably let it ride.

    If you were singled out, I think I would fight it. If anything – it would be funny to hear in court.

    “Yes, your Honor – I was issued a ticket because I was parked too close to my own driveway.”

    I would be curious to know what a judge would have to say based on the information given. I would also want to hear what the officer would say in response.

    Of course all of this depends on whether or not you can afford time off of work to go to court. With my experience, I thought – go to court and fight it. But then the inconvenience of taking off time for court, losing a days worth of pay, the effort to drive to the court, the waiting involved, and all that nonsense – it’s just not worth it. But I seriously thought about it.

    In my opinion, these tickets are issued under the impression that the violation in which the ticket was written is so absurd that people won’t even bother to fight it and just pay up. Making it where it’s not worth going to court to fight over.

    As angry as I was, I broke down and paid the fee just to be done with it. I contemplated sending them the ticket/fine amount all in pennies – but I read that they don’t accept cash. Then I was going to write up 82 – $1 dollar checks… but decided it wasn’t worth killing trees to inconvenience them.

    However I will ensure that my experience is broadcasted out to anyone who wants to read about it.

    Tom wrote:

    “I do not know much about blogging or chatting. How do I get the public to read and discuss this type thing?”

    You’re already making this public by posting your experience here.

    Tom, please let me know what you end up doing – I’m curious to know.


    Lastly, I will make note that I do support and respect police officers. They have very demanding jobs and we are fortunate to have those willing to serve and protect the public. I just don’t like seeing frivolous tickets issued for parking violations when the bank down the street is being robbed

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  4. In response to Tom Pendleton.

    Sorry to hear about your ticket for parking within 10′ of your own driveway. It turns out they are not supposed to issue a ticket unless the homeowner calls in and requests it (take a look at the link) http://www.bbhca.org/PDFs/Parking%20Restrictions%20in%20Fairfax%20County.pdf

    The reason I know about this is that I live near Robinson High School where a few too many parents have bought their kids a car. For some reason theese kids think it is okay to block my driveway, move my garbage can far enough down the street so it does not get picked up and even block my mailbox. While I agree they should not have given you a ticket, it turns out there is a reason for that particular law.

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