the coolest RC toys ever.

can you believe this is a two foot long RC EXCAVATOR? awesome. watch it do stuff:excavator_gif.gif

i want one.


the classic and original RC that caught my attention and made me search for more nifty and useless toys, the RC FORKLIFT!



what else could be cooler than having a RC FIRETRUCK ready to put out those pesky fires?!?! its two feet long and can shoot water from it’s hose on the end of the ladder! way COOL.


maybe you have a pool instead and think, “aww man. i can’t use an RC in the water….”

well you’re in LUCK! now take a gander at the RC SUBMARINE! perfect for interrupting those ‘romantic’ moments your sister tries to have with her boyfriend in the pool! this mini baby comes equipped with a front headlight for those underwater search missions AND it’s also the only micro submarine that has a “turbo dive” button on the top of the radio controller – press this button to leave the surface and head towards the bottom of the water at turbo speed!


this beast is a must have to go along with the excavator. coming in at three feet, this RC MINING TRUCK has functioning headlights and up/down feature for dumping garbage…. way rad.


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