more nifty toys for the holidays…

so here’s some more suggestions to waste your money on this holiday season…


anticipating to be too lit to get home? come prepared and get some of the cabbie napkins and not worry about remembering where you live!


or you could invest in the brilliantly designed hello napkins specially made to avoid small talk and get to the nitty gritty.


oh man, when i saw this i remember how much i used to pester my dad to make sno cones… the snoopy sno-cone machine was cool as shit. i think i might even buy one again.


even ninjas suffer occasional injuries. why not remind the ninja in your life that it’s ok to get a scrape every now and then… buy them some NINJA BANDAGES! *note – bandage will prolly not be much use in cases of severed heads or massive holes in the chest cavity*


Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends

With 50 rude, sick, and mind-blowing stunts, any practical joker or novice magician will be armed with an arsenal of fresh, fun, and easy pranks to play on friends and loved ones. Jokers will be able to resurrect dead flies, snuff out lit cigarettes on their tongues, swallow table knives, bend spoons with their noses, cut off their thumbs with scissors, and make messages appear on their skin, all to the wonder and amusement of onlookers.


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