Yuppie for a Day – 2008 Jaguar XJ Super V8

jag super v8

jag super v8

Pulled into the parking lot and was disappointed to see that there was an EMERALD GREEN Jag waiting for me. Don’t get me wrong, green is a great color. I’m just not a fan of it on most cars. I don’t want to feel like I’m driving a tree. I was a bit let down with the same boring style of the Jag too. At least the front of it improved and seemed to have incorporated some aggressive design elements. The other thing that seemed off was the chrome details on the car mixed with polished rims. Do one or the other, not both. It looks weird. Also disappointed to discover the shiny front grille is made of plastic. Yep, plas-tic-o.

Unlock the vehicle and watch the side view mirrors automatically open up. I thought that was pretty snazzy, until I noticed that the passenger side mirror was hanging loose. I had hoped a car of this caliber would have been a little more durable. Upon closer inspection it appears that the last driver of the car had tried to manually adjust the mirror and broke it, or they had it so cocked out that when the mirrors closed in, it popped the mirror off. Either way, I couldn’t drive off with a mirror hanging by its wires. I had to reseat it into its plastic thingy and prayed it wouldn’t fall off. That did suck because not having a side view mirror makes driving a little pain in the ass.

Interior has nice leather seats and fake wood inserts. Front seats are energy absorbent and they’re nice and cushiony. The XJ has a very low profile and kicks your feet out in length versus dropping down. The car comes with a bizarre looking laser cut key. When you put it in the ignition, the steering column drops down and the seat automatically moves forward. The dash lit up green, which I liked because it’s easy on the eyes.

I noticed the steering wheel is partially covered in leather. The rest of it is that fake wood crap. It felt cheap and I couldn’t understand why they would do that. It sounded hollow against my ring. I later found out that Jag incorporated a heating element into the steering wheel, which explains why it’s hollow. As cool as the heated feature is, I think they should have wrapped it all in leather to deaden the sound of it.

Looking at the dash, it was kinda bland and dated in my opinion. I’ll give them credit that it’s lined in real leather and you can see real stitches. Although it seemed plain, the super nerve center to the right made up for it. The super nucleus has all features incorporated including navigation, audio, climate control, blue tooth phone stuff, and some other gizmos that I didn’t get to play with. I like seeing a view of the clock – which there was but not in an easy to view location. They’ve placed it on mid center of the dash and its old school ticker style. Audio was a tad disappointing – actually a little weak in my opinion.

Unfortunately Jaguar is another company that doesn’t know how to make cup holders. My Starbucks Double Shot can (small, really small) pretty much sat comfortably in one of two tiny holders. Forget a can of coke, a bottle of water, or your 7-11 Big Gulps – it ain’t fittin in there. Where they put it sucked, it blocks my arm from resting on the console. Found out that the front passenger seat isn’t made to accommodate anyone over 5’6”. In a nutshell, Jaguar made it clear that Big Foot isn’t getting ‘shot gun’ unless he wants his knees kissing the glove box. Front seats had butt warmers, but they were slow to heat up. It also had a butt ‘cooler’ option – or I guess ‘vent for cooling your seat’ alternative. The back seat however was specially designed for Sasquatch and his kids. There was tons of room in the back along with 2 DVD players in the back of the headrests. The back seats had adjustable seating buttons and butt warmers. Pop down trays like you find in an airplane. It had lousy cup holders, but the DVD control device thingy in the middle compensated for it. If you cruise in this car – make sure you hop in the back. And get the window, because even with 3 back seats – sittin bitch ain’t fun. Also, pick your movies carefully – the DVD player is in the trunk. Trunk space is massive. I could fit a body or three in there if I wanted. I think it would have been a little nicer if they gave up some of that trunk space and give it back to the front area seating. I also expected the trunk to include a personal stewardess given it’s price tag.

It has good suspension that kept the ride nice & smooth. Speed sensitive steering made guiding this tank a cinch. Power was not an issue; the 400hp 4.2L V8 engine will push you back in your seat and do it without the slightest hint of struggling. With power for the asking and good overall visibility, it was easy to sift through traffic. Quick when you need it, but be careful with that power. The XJ also has the modern parking button thingy, so pay attention. Even when driving in rain, I felt pretty secure in it. I can’t get enough of the automatic wiper aspect and this Jag comes equipped with the awe striking feature. No more struggling to find the right wiping speed! Hooray! Personally I think the car was designed for the “elite” to sit in the back seat and have the ‘driver’ be uncomfortable in the front. There’s lots of room in the rear with big back seats and large trunk space. Head room is ok.

My Beef: When I first picked the car up, the tank was almost empty and I had to get some gas. Tank is on the passenger side. Pushed on the cover and realized that it was a trip release. There’s a gas release button on the lower left side of the steering wheel. Pushed button. Nothing. It was STUCK. All the other buttons moved nice and smooth – just not the gas release. Of course. After pushing on it with force just short of a small stick of dynamite, the button finally gave and the door released. The car didn’t even have 3,000 miles on it and already the passenger mirror and gas release button were hosed. Boo. Hiss.

The “average joe” perspective: I’d have to say there were too many shenanigans for the price tag of $95,000. I was also disappointed with the fact that it had been raining so I didn’t get a chance to really get to romp it any. (I can’t complain though, we hadn’t seen rain around here in months and we needed it. Oh the sacrifices.) In short, the engine performance and its smooth ride was about the only thing that I was jazzed about with this car. You’re basically buying a name and I think of it as second rate at best. Personally I would probably look into the XK before dumping money on this ride.


  • Built in screen protectors in back seats
  • DVD players in back head rests
  • Heated and cooled seats up front
  • 400HP 4.2L V8 Engine
  • Speed sensitive steering
  • Supercharged & intercooled
  • Energy absorbent front seats
  • Steering column automatically moves up when car is turned off
  • Trays in back seatsWeird looking laser cut entry key
  • Green lighting on dash – easy on the eyes
  • Power rear seats
  • Spacious back seats
  • Green dashboard
  • Low profile
  • Side view mirrors move auto via key faub
  • Pop up screen in the back window
  • Good visibility
  • Smooth ride
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Quick acceleration
  • Lots of trunk space – should come with personal stewardess

  • Didn’t Like:

  • Mirror falling off
  • Stuck gas button
  • Lots of soft leather – Easily dirty
  • Cheap feeling steering wheel
  • Short space in front seats
  • Chrome details and polished rims – don’t match
  • Fake wood – walnut burl veneer inlay
  • Butt warmer took too long to warm up
  • Fuzzy rugs are nice, but prolly pain to keep clean
  • Plastic grille – sucks
  • DVD player console in trunk

*** More pics when I find the rest ***


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