more stupid toys

woo hoo. so as i said before, i was going to list off things i found on the net that i could waste my money on to avoid the holiday nightmare traffic.

so lets resume with the almighty 14 M.P.H. Cooler! oh yea, this is the shin diggity of cool. drive this baby around and always have a cold one handy. this fab ride supports up to 300lbs and goes 15 miles of distance on a single charge. who wants a stupid go cart when you can have one of these!?!


maybe if you’re extra rich, you can afford to buy someone an overpriced bite off of the old skool rockem sockem robot set. whats worse – you have to buy batteries. i dont remember the old skool ones requiring batteries….


maybe you know a hooker who’s been down on their luck. get him/her back on their feet, err thighs, arms, whatever by getting them a personal dancing pole kit. it even comes with an instructional DVD! oh yea!




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