rad coffee tables

if i had the dough or the patience, i’d get one of these. by far one of the niftiest pieces of furniture i’ve seen to date, these are a must have in the modern home.

becausewecan.org has created a coffee table with lights that respond to your movements. imagine a flat surface with hundreds of LEDs that respond to motion above the table. LEDs are only activated when they see motion, otherwise the LEDs just calm down to a small twinkling status.

they offer two types that i’ve discovered – the wave & the ripple.

want one? two options. 1. buy one or 2. make one

first option, they make you a customized table that will set you back roughly between $1700 and $2400.

second option, make one with their kit they offer here as seen on evilmadscientist.com

one day when i’m rich i’ll think about buying one. until then, i’ll just have to settle for reading/writing about them.


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