bigger is better – wall prints

i wanted bigger pics.  i went to see what options there are. 

because bigger is better.   especially when its free

so i was straightening up my smugmug account and decided to see what ‘goodies’ they had for the pro users.  i came across ‘wallhogs’, a print really big picture/poster site that can provide an image up to something like 7′ x 4′ on various mediums.  they offer prints on vinyl, canvas, and poster paper stuff.


the process seems pretty easy too.  pick your photo, upload and send to wallhog.  then in 3 days they claim to have your item in the mail ready to go.  pricing on this seems ok i guess.  it depends on the material you choose to print.  i haven’t had a chance to check it out, but i decided to keep on searching.

i came across one guy’s post about making a cool wallpaper from a photo for his son’s bedroom. 


the idea was that you pick your photo, find a printer offering the service (wallpaper installation) and provide them with their spec requirements – in this case 150dpi at full res.  cost was approx $5 per square foot. 

based on the above image, looks really cool – but a bit steep for my cheap ass.  i’ll keep searching. 

finally i came across block posters.  same idea, different layout, & cheaper.  lets try FREE.  so basically its the same thing.  you pick the photo you want to use, upload to their site, and adjust the size you want.  but instead of waiting 3-5 business days you get an instant .pdf file of your image ready to go.

basically the image you upload is sliced into individual pages that you can use to ‘paste’ together.  i decided to try it with my recent simpsonized picture (which is way cool too, so check that out while your at it.) 

this is a snapshot of the final product from block posters  —->


since i was at work and fortunate enough to have a color printer available, i went ahead and printed it out.  once it printed, i taped them all together and i have to admit the final product is pretty darn nifty. 

 i now have the yellow simpson version of me hanging in my cubicle.  it’s awesome.  my pick of the bunch runs with block posters…..


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