rule of thirds

everyone else talks about it so i thought i’d do the same.  taking pictures with the subject in the center of the frame screams boring.  most folks won’t even take more than a second or two when glancing at what a lot of folks call a ‘snapshot’.

so you might ask what could make your image more interesting.  try using this thing called the rule of thirds.  that means you move whatever it is you’re photographing to one third of the frame.  thirds are horizontal and vertical.  if you move your subject to one of the third sections of the frame it will add interest to your image.

they say that placing points of interest in the intersecting lines of the frame balances out the photo and makes it easier for the viewer to interact with it.  its more natural for the eye to go from one of the intersecting points instead of right to the middle of the frame. 

rules are meant to be broken, so if you dont follow this rule – its ok.   just remember to ask yourself what is the point of interest in the shot you’re taking.



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