office necessities

so i decided that i have a super awesome boss lady.  she’s one of the coolest chicks i know.  she’s one of my heroes.  she swears and uses bad words.  she’s open minded and wont scoff at my callous ways.  she’s the best boss lady i’ve gotten to work for, well, in ever.

so i wanted to get somethin cool for her.  something unique and different.  dont get me wrong, i’m no kiss ass by any means.  but i think its important that its recognized when you have a good boss.  i’ve worked for shitty and weak bosses before.  its pretty lame.  so i appreciate getting to work for good people.

anyways, i started surfing the net.  i came across a few of these nifty things.  havent decided what to get, but these are a few good running candidates.  this is just one site btw.  i’ll still be surfing until i find the right thing…

bullshit button

bs1.jpgNoteworthy Rubber Stamps


3 different styles from what i found.


Office Vacation



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