i guess i should rename this Project 350 Something instead…

besides the complications of the motherboard going dead on me, i have also been dealing with some other complicated matters which have taken my time away from this project.

its funny how life gets in the way of everything.

i’ve been working on projects in between here and there since the PC crash so i’ll try to get what i’ve taken posted.

i’ve also been working on my deviant art profile.  its refreshing to recieve comments that aren’t criticizing the technically correct aspects… that aesthetically it might work.

a lot of the photos posted there are repeats on other spots on the web that i have photos posted, but there are some that aren’t posted.  its a mix.  this has more of my less than the ‘perfect’ work…

if you want to see it, check it out here: 

my deviant art stuff


i’ll try to have some photos posted up soon… 


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