i’m experiencing the photographer’s version of ‘writers block’.  i’m lacking inspiration.  i have no fresh ideas. 

so i researched what i could to see if i could to motivate myself into something new.  i tore up the internet.

i looked over images that i liked.  i read about different subjects.  i thought about what i want out of my images.

i realized that although i want to make great photos, i want them to invoke some kind of emotion.  i will continue studying and will try to keep learning more as i experiment. 

i decided to attempt Project 365, a photo a day.


One thought on “renewed

  1. Once a man said:

    A good photoartist is one that can make 10 striking pics in 10m2.

    Maby you can try that. I have those moments too and then try to imagine what I like to make or just grab my cam and go out to search for nice stuff.

    BTW i’m honoured to have a place in your list between people that I admire too.

    all the best!

    cheers, Mark

    P.S. love your site

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