the worst critic

Ever since I got into photography, I’ve been looking to learn and improve on all aspects of my work. Composition, exposures, content, and creativity. I’m always looking for more information, trying to learn as much as possible to create the best photographs.

One of the things I have found myself doing when reviewing my work is being overly critical. I see all the little flaws that others don’t seem to notice. I wonder if I have placed unrealistic standards to my work.

Sure, I have taken photos I’m proud of – but I’m sure if I look at it long enough I’ll find something wrong with it. Missed focus point, a tad too underexposed/overexposed, bad angle, a little too soft, too flat and not enough contrast, blah blah blah… the list goes on.

I have seen outstanding photos that really make me go, “WOW! That’s amazing!”. That is the level I want my work to be. I’m sure there is truth to the saying that you only present your best work – only the ‘WOW’ stuff and none of the mediocre work. So is that how it works? Only the best for presentation? Do the pros have some ‘so/so’ work in between their fabulous stuff? They have to, right?

What’s the trick? I’m trying to learn, trying to improve, trying new things and experimenting. Is it really the years and years of experience pushing out the great stuff or is the trick to limit what you show? Or is it both? Have I applied absurd standards to my work?

I’m weary of relaxing because then I feel like I might slack too much and my work might suffer from it.


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