One of the things I posted on my last blog was a list of people whose work I admired. I think its important to remember those who have influenced your work and mark those that have inspired you to keep going when things start to slow down.

Long admired because the surrealism in his work is phenomenal. My mission in life is to one day achieve fine work on this scale.
david lachapelle

One of the first photographers I felt compelled enough to bookmark his gallery; his work is *that* good. His photography is nothing less than inspirational.

A creative and talented person whose work I admire greatly, The Stuntkid. Illustrator and photographer – talented in both.

The following is a few of the photographers whose work I admire:

For his excellent eye for black and white: Emeka

For his majestic landscapes: Roman

The King of the Macro World (imo): Mark

(Thanks Mark! I would have never found it!) I would proudly hang any of his photos on my walls. You can see some of Todd’s work here.

Irene, for her superb results with her experiments with milk, coffee, and water and her IR work.

For his stunning processing work, Owen B.

*Please note the following site contains content not suitable for anyone under the age of 18*.
For his extreme colors and excellent eye, Ezekeil.


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